Questions & Answers

How do I launch a project?

You launch your project with the help of our website: 

First of all, you take your time to fill in all the information on your project. Our Editor will assist you – to upload a video, to create rewards or describe your project.

Once you finished editing your project, you can submit it for approval. We check your project within 48 hours at the most (usually we're faster) and will get back to you with feedback and suggestions on how to improve your project page or with our approval to launch. If you receive feedback, you can take the time to adapt your project according to our suggestions and submit it again so we can approve it.

We recommend you submit your project for the first time with enough time to spare before your desired launch date so you can truly profit from our service and feedback!

Once approved, your project will automatically start at the time you've set in the editor. If needed, you can still adapt the launch time and day after our approval.

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