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What is a Stretch Goal?

Before you launch your wemakeit-campaign, you decide on a funding goal to finance your project. If you reach this funding goal within the chosen duration of your campaign, your project is successful and can be overfunded (see also: Is it possigble to exceed the funding goal?).
Additionally, we offer the possibility to work with a stretch goal. This is a second, higher funding goal. You can use it to finance further stages of your project and it helps you to keep your campaign active once the first funding goal is reached.
Important: The "all-or-nothing" principle does not apply to the stretch goal. Once you've reached your first funding goal, the total amount collected (minus our fees) will be paid out, even if you don't reach the stretch goal.
How to implement a stretch goal: Let us know your desired stretch goal in an email to You can do this before the launch or in the course of your campaign. The stretch goal will be visible on your project page as soon as you've reached 100% of your first funding goal.
Best Practice: As soon as you reach 100% of your first funding goal, use the updates to celebrate and to explain what the stretch goal is about: What do you want to finance with those additional funds?
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