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What does wemakeit do to ensure that successful projects are carried out?

As a platform, we do our very best to ensure that only those projects are funded that we deem to be serious and where we are confident that they can keep their promises. This is what our project consulting team works on every day.

The following factors contribute to an actualization rate of 99%:

  • The «all or nothing» principle: the project is considered a success and eligible for funds if the financing target is reached or exceeded. A successful wemakeit campaign is how we ensure that a project can definitely be carried out.
  • We scrutinize each project individually for its seriousness and feasibility before it goes online. Furthermore, we make sure that projects can be carried out if they are successfully completed.
  • We are in close contact with project initiators and regularly send them recommendations on communication with supporters as well as reminders.
  • The crowd factor: The community of backers is the largest control mechanism, as backers not only finance projects but also expect them to be carried out. Initiators are eager to keep their crowd happy! The expectations of an entire community are a strong incentive to carry out a project.
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